What We Do

CIR offer a suite of complementary services that when combined provide all the building blocks needed to create the most  compelling and innovative brand, category and retail propositions.

By utilising the core skills within each of the three CIR functions, we provide our clients with the ability to realise insight, develop strategy and activate in-store in the most meaningful way.

Our approach of working closely with clients to fully understand their needs, ensures we provide the most appropriate project structure which may see the use of all or just some of the services we provide.

CIR Live!
Providing tactical ‘on the ground’ activation support for brands, categories and retailers.
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CIR Research
Unlocking the knowledge and insight needed to drive brand, category and retail strategy through unique exploratory methods.
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CIR Category Development
Creating a data driven platform for developing engaging shopper tactics and informing retail improvement.
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