Introducing ShopperPATH, exclusive to CIR in the travel retail channel.

ShopperPATH provides the insight and knowledge needed to transform retail environments through shopper observation and enhanced understanding.

From the world of sports science, ShopperPATH delivers unrivalled insight of the passenger and shopper journey through the airport, the store and the category.


Project Scope


  • Using modern CCTV or locally installed camcorders to discretely record shoppers behaviours
  • Automatically capturing the position points of shoppers in retail space
  • Capability to handle multiple camara feeds and unlimited capacity for observation
  • Captured footage examined using state-of-the-art technology software and skilled analysts
  • Calculate event data such as journey maps, dwell times, product selection, basket analysis and conversion rates



The key benefits of ShopperPATH are:

  • ShopperPATH studies deliver cost effective category insight quickly and effectively

  • Provide thought leadership to drive brand, category and store sales and improve the shopping experience

  • Optimise shopper flow through the store and category, develop optimum product position based on how shoppers shop the category
  • Greater understanding into shopper behaviours and barriers to purchase
  • Assess ROI of in-store executions and activity