Exclusively available from CIR in the travel retail channel.

ShopperREACH is the largest online shopper panel service available in travel retail, exclusively available from Counter Intelligence Retail for brands and retailers.

A panel of travel retail shoppers, providing a cost-effective and time efficient way to gather insight from travellers around the world, eager to share their opinions.

Access the opinions of thousands of authentic and unique travellers in over 200 countries across the globe, representing Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia regions.

Panel Demographics

ShopperREACH provides access to online respondents who are not only thoroughly checked prior to joining the panel, but are also continuously monitored throughout the panellist lifecycle for authentic behaviour.

CIR are able to manage all or part of your research program execution, including survey programming, translations, study hosting and fieldwork, as well as data processing and data delivery in the format of your choice by our experienced team of dedicated industry analysts.

ShopperREACH panellists are profiled on a wide range of attributes including;

• Age • Family Status  • Technology usage  • Brand purchased 
• Gender • Preferred language • Alcohol consumption • Brand consumed
• Ethnicity • Employment  • Smoking habits • Brand repertoire
• Marital status • Household income • Travel frequency • Purchase motivation


ShopperREACH is the perfect solution for a wide range of research needs, including;

Δ Reviewing packaging and NPD concepts with key target shopper and consumer groups

Δ Understanding the most motivating promotional and pricing mechanics for your category and brands

Δ Finding out shopper perceptions of the in-store environment, including ease of shop and staff interaction

Δ Developing POS, in-store executions and communications with shopper feedback

Δ Explore shopper perceptions about your brands and those of your key competitors


ShopperREACH complements a suite of strong research tools available to our clients, which can be used in isolation or in conjunction with each other to drive further insight from Shopper behaviour within travel retail.




The key benefits of ShopperREACH are:

  • A cost-effective approach to conducting large research projects, across multi-country and multi-national projects


  • A fast turnaround on fieldwork execution and reporting


  • Quality checked and eager participants who can be targeted on frequency of travel as well as brand purchase and consumption


  • A straightforward way to add and test images of POS, in-store executions and NDP concepts with shoppers prior to launch or post-launch

  • Assess awareness of in-store executions and activity