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We’ve been expertly researching the travel retail channel for over 10 years.

We offer a full range of quantitative and qualitative techniques to understand market, shopper and consumer opportunities. Providing a full consultancy service, we’ll work with you to deliver usable insight and meaningful intelligence.

Working across all the travel retail channels, we’ve gained intelligence from more than 1 million interviews with passengers and shoppers of all nationalities. Through our in-store projects, we have observed and interpreted the behaviour of more than 250,000 shoppers in the retail environment.

Through our close relationships, we have privileged access to most airport locations allowing quick and efficient airside working. We perform both independent and syndicated research studies. 

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 In Locations Techniques

Pre / Post Travel Techniques

Intercept Interviews

  • A mainly quantitative collection method in which visitors/shoppers are interviewed immediately after their experience or interaction at-retail to ensure clear recollection and measurement 

ShopperREACH™ Online Panel

  • Provides access to the opinions of thousands of travellers from more than 200 countries. Provides a robust cost and time efficient way to gather insight from travellers

In-Depth Interviews

  • A one-on-one interview to study shopper and consumer opinions with respect to a definite idea, product or situation. Often used when a greater depth of insight is required than quantitative research can achieve

International Focus Groups

  • Focus Groups typically comprise 6-10 people who share defined characteristics (attitudes, or habits, or demographics for example). They meet with a skilled focus group moderator in a neutral location to discuss the research topic chosen by the client

ShopperPATH™ Filming Studies

  • Provides the insight and knowledge needed to transform retail environments through shopper observation and enhanced understanding. Uses filming to track shopper behaviour to measure their interaction levels with the store, category and brands

Remote Interviews

  • Mainly take the form of online or telephone based research. Used to understand consumer behaviours, motivations and barriers post their experience, or in general. Often used to measure Customer Satisfaction

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