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Business Lounge

Business Lounge

Business Lounge provides an extensive, relevant and appropriate combination of industry data, facts and information. Business Lounge is developed and managed by a team of retail and marketing experts and is designed specifically to support travel retail brand owners to grow their business. 

We’ve combined the most robust, credible and auditable data sources available for the Travel Retail channel. Our focus is to provide quality information to give you actionable intelligence to influence future planning.

As well as bringing you all the latest intelligence needed to help guide and inform your every day business decisions, a subscription to the service is  supported with full analytical and reporting facility to ensure you get the most from the information we’re providing.

Business Lounge, providing you with the right detail for travel retail. To be redirected to the Business Lounge website please click here.

Airport Information

  • More than 350 airport & terminal maps covering more than 70 key locations
  • Detailed floor maps for more than 240 stores across 70+ leading airports
  • 42,000 images of airport retail and 160 video walkthroughs
  • All data is collated following store audits by the Business Lounge team 

Global Traveller Statistics

  • Annual and monthly PAX numbers with terminal detail for 200 airports
  • Data for the key departing nationalities for 200 airports across 500 terminals
  • View PAX and nationality data at a global, regional, airport and terminal level
  • Create specific reports tailored to your business needs

Passenger & Traffic Intelligence

  • Annual and monthly PAX data for more than 500 airports
  • Route planning and capacity data, by departing terminal, for more than 3,000 airports , 230 countries and 700 airlines
  • Dynamic dashboard reporting and data retrieval for enhanced analysis and interrogation of route & capacity data

Pricing Audit

  • Auditing more than 400 at-shelf prices across more than 70 airports
  • Capturing detailed promotional activity from 240 stores twice a year
  • Monthly reporting of on-line price data for 750 products across 110+ airports
  • Create and save your own specific pricing reports & charts

Store View

  • More than 42,000 images from 70+ airports in more than 240 stores
  • Search for images by Category, Sub Category, Brand and SKU
  • Video walk-throughs for more than 160 key airport stores

Industry Resources

  • Search the database of more than 500 brand and 40 manufacturer logos
  • Access to more than 60 travel retailer profiles and logos
  • Download category factsheets for all core categories
  • Latest travel retail conference & white papers
  • Latest travel retail reports

Advanced Analytics Tool

  • Investigate the GTS database for advanced analytics and bespoke data selections
  • Understand how, where and when key passenger groups travel globally
  • Intuitive analysis of PAX, Nationality, Departure & Destination location and Airlines travelled
  • Perform bespoke analysis with results split by retailer
  • Brand Ambassador Optimisation Tool - exclusive to CiR Business Lounge


  • 1 to 10 year forecasts for air travel for over 200 nationalities
  • View data at global, regional, country and airport level
  • Access and analyse data through intuitive and interactive dashboards
  • Run specific forecasts by airport, terminal and nationality
  • Create and save specific forecast reports

Meet the Business Lounge Team

Simon Best

Business Lounge Director

Simon Best

Stuart Hawes

Client Services Manager

Stuart Hawes

Luke Stockton

Data Executive

Luke Stockton