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We are active in more than 50 global airports on a monthly basis.

We provide the reach and man-power to set up and manage all types of in-store initiatives across the globe. Our team can assess and measure all aspects of retail execution and have the skills to set up and manage front line customer engagement programmes. Our field management capability means you can have all your global in-store requirements managed centrally by us.

Store And Category Assessments

  • We provide the tools and technology to help understand how your brands and products are being retailed in store
  • We provide total store, category and brand level reviews and then provide you with a candid report of our findings
  • We’ll make clear and proven recommendations for the opportunities we identify

Brand Ambassadors, In Store Merchandising & Sampling

  • We work on behalf of brand owners to manage their front line staff programmes in store
  • Managing all aspects of training and customer engagement, we provide tailored staff planning and management for teams across the globe
  • We provide staff for brand engagement projects, sampling and product merchandising

Mystery Shopping

  • Our mystery shopping programmes are far more than the typical ‘tick box’ approach
  • We create unique, flexible and results orientated programmes for our clients that recognise and measure great customer service and high standards of retail execution
  • Our reports and results are analysed to make clear recommendations for improvement

Analysis And Reporting

  • For all of our field based work, we’ll provide clear and detailed reports with supporting visuals where appropriate
  • For all of our feedback, we’ll provide clear recommendations for the improvement and enhancement of whatever we’ve measured

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