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We have performed more than 1,250 projects in travel retail

We provide advanced category management services to help you strategically grow your business from a platform of facts and insight. We have delivered category projects across all core categories and have proven to deliver true market growth.

We perform independent projects both for brands and retailers however our speciality is to get brand owners and retailers working together to create joint business objectives and action plans. We base all of our category development recommendations on hard facts and proven techniques.  

Our approach is to provide clear category focus and direction while delivering the most appropriate and latest retail development techniques. 

Store Audits

  • Obtain impartial view of store execution standards
  • Identifies clear areas for store improvement
  • Provides insight for improved layout, range and space
  • Based on real-life shopper observation  
  • No obligation feedback

Category Analysis

  • Review and evaluation of commercial position
  • Identifies key trends in performance
  • Identifies shopper preferences and opportunities
  • Review of all commercial levers
  • Detailed analysis at category and sub category level

Range Reviews

  • Analysis to drive efficient assortment 
  • Application of all retail trends and shopper preferences
  • Improves choice and makes the category easier to shop
  • Improves availability and operational SKU management
  • Reduces investment due to lower inventory levels 

Category Layout

  • Improves shopper navigation 
  • Drives appropriate category adjacencies
  • Increases impulse buying behaviour
  • Improves the shopper experience in store  

Shelf Management

  • Providing real image planograms
  • Increases shop-ability of the fixture
  • Ensures commercial display on fixture to drive trade up
  • Makes brands and category easy to understand and shop
  • Increases product visibility and availability
  • Improves staff replenishment times

Brand & Category Communication

  • Increases shopper awareness and education  
  • Assist the search and selection process
  • Improves the shopper experience 
  • Increases category conversion 
  • Drives trade up behaviour

Meet the Category Team

Dave Nowell

Category Executive

Mike Woodford

Category Manager

Kathryn Maude

Category Team Director

Kathryn Maude

Ed Martin

Category Manager

Lisa Pearson

Category Manager

Lisa Pearson