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Why Choose Business Lounge

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What are the benefits to using Business Lounge?

It drives your sales by identifying where your target shoppers and consumers are travelling

It strengthens your pricing and promotional strategy by allowing you to benchmark competitor activity

It improves conversion by highlighting opportunities to enhance category position and display in-store

It presents new market opportunities by showing the changing mix of nationalities and mapping future trends of PAX movements

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Who should use Business Lounge?


Gain a new level of understanding of your customers airport locations and retail standards. 

Understand who is travelling through your key airports and when and where they are travelling. 

Analyse and benchmark price and promotional activity. 

Everything you need to prepare for key customer meetings.


Plan your activity to ensure you target the right people in the right locations. 

View and benchmark category and competitor activity. 

Be informed of key competitor information, data and activity. 

Optimise traveller statistics to plan your brand ambassador placement strategy.


See how your own brands and competitors are being retailed in store. 

Identify key market trends and where to target activity.

Understand market trends to guide and inform your decisions.


Benchmark prices across your regions and across competitors. 

Understand your passenger mix to plan your retail strategy. 

Access essential airport and traveller data to support your tender proposals.


See the latest developments in store from across the world. 

Access airport traveller statistics to plan promotional staff rosters. 

Analyse data to set your Brand Ambassador placement strategy.

6 Reasons Why Business Lounge Is Right For You...

It's Specific To Travel Retail

  • Business Lounge is developed and managed by a team of retail experts and is designed specifically to support travel retail brand owners

It Has Everything You Need

  • Business Lounge provides relevent & complete industry information
  • It holds the most appropriate combination of facts & figures for TR

It Makes Financial Sense

  • Business Lounge provides all the intelligence you need in one place, eliminating the need for multiple data providers

It's Bespoke To Your Needs

  • Business Lounge provides you with dedicated analytical and reporting support to help you get the best out of the data

It's Intuitive And Easy To Use

  • Business Lounge provides easy access to millions of data points and presents this back in multiple readable formats

It's Built On Proven Results

  • Business Lounge is a core CiR service
  • As industry experts, CiR has delivered category growth by providing market intelligence, insight and activation