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Comparative Services

Comparative Services

ContentSourceUpdate FrequencyBusiness LoungeProvider AProvider B
Pax Date for 500 airportsCAPA, Airport SourcesMonthlyYesYesYes
Nationality data for 200 key locations (by terminal)Aviation AnalyticsMonthlyYesNoYes
Advanced PAX statistics dashboardAviation Analytics, CAPAMonthlyYesNoNo
Nationality data for intern'l, domestic, transit PAXAviation AnalyticsMonthlyYesNoYes
Data for 3000+ routesInnovataMonthlyYesNoYes
Seat capacity data for 250+ airlinesInnovataMonthlyYesNoYes
On-Line pricing auditCIR Business Lounge TeamMonthlyYesNoYes
At fixture pricing auditCIR Field TeamMonthly/Bi-annualYesYesNo
Promotional mechanics auditCIR Field TeamMonthly/Bi-annualYesYesNo
Reporting & analysis service includedCIR Business Lounge TeamWeeklyYesNoNo
30,000 retail photographsCIR Field TeamMonthly/Bi-annualYesNoNo
Airport, terminal and store mapsCIR Field TeamMonthly/Bi-annualYesNoYes
Airport and shopper research reportsCIR Research TeamMonthlyYesNoNo
Airport profile informationCIR Business Lounge TeamMonthlyYesNoNo
Industry fact sheets and jargon busterCIR Business Lounge TeamMonthlyYesNoNo
Brand logo libraryCIR Business Lounge TeamMonthlyYesNoNo