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CiR Launch Chinese Tier 2 & 3 Traveller Report

CiR has launched their new, in-depth report into Chinese Tier 2 & 3 International Travellers and Shoppers. The research provides a  new and detailed perspective on the evolving attitudes and behaviours of the Chinese shopper and the importance of them within Travel Retail.

Whilst the average spend of Chinese shoppers is falling, as key influences impact the behaviours of previously high spending travellers, the number of Chinese travellers continues to grow.  Driven by the increased desire to travel amongst the burgeoning middle classes from the developing Tier 2 & 3 cities, this research recognises the importance of this rapidly increasing traveller group who represent the next wave of growth in terms of Chinese spend in the Travel Retail channel.

Our recent research reveals that over 8 in 10 Tier 2 & 3 travellers consider shopping an integral part of their travel experience and the report focuses on understanding their needs and offers clear recommendations for attracting and converting them into buyers within Travel Retail.

The report contains detailed analysis of purchasing motivations and behaviours across 7 categories, Alcohol, Beauty, Confectionery, Fashion & Accessories, Jewellery, Tobacco and Watches, with cross-category comparisons to provide useful industry and category benchmarks as well as exploring the opinions and barriers to purchase for non-buyers.

To view samples slides and see full list of contents click here.

For more information on this report contact Deborah Jones, Research Manager, on or