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CiR Launch 2015 Nationality Research Programme

CiR has today launched the first of a planned 12 easy-access nationality studies, to be made available to industry executives throughout 2015.

Utilising its on-line ShopperREACH panel, consisting of international travellers from more than 200 countries, the commercial development agency states it will be researching and reporting on one key nationality every month during the year ahead.

Commencing with research on Chinese travellers from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, the first report, available end January 2015, will contain key findings and insight into the needs and perceptions of airport shopping for this important travelling group.

[Key insights from this report will also be published in the official magazine of the TFWA China Century conference published by TRB in March].

CiR Research Director, Alison Hughes states,’ We’re bringing to market vital research on key nationalities in an accessible and cost effective manner, providing brand and retail executives access to in-depth information with ease. The report will cover seven core categories, including Fashion & Accessories and Watches & Jewellery, and will provide insight into the shopper profile, purchase behaviour and motivations for product selection, as well as changing attitudes towards travel’.  

Hughes continues, ‘Using our on-line panel, we’ll be researching a mix of key nationalities such as Russians, Brazilians and Japanese, the emerging nations such as Columbians and Indonesians, and nations with potentially high value, that were revealed in our recent Global 2014 Traveller Study, such as Korean, Indonesian, Thai and Malaysian travellers. We’ll be making our reports available via our website or direct to our clients on a regular basis’.

CiR Managing Director Garry Stasiulevicuis adds, ‘Having just completed an in-airport study with more than 40,000 shoppers and now with our plans to publish regular, low cost and easy access reports, we’re standing by our commitment to provide the industry with a gateway to research, insight and intelligence for budgets of all sizes’.

For more information on the agency’s reports for 2015, contact Alison Hughes on or