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CiR Business Lounge Launches New Module

Counter Intelligence Retail (CiR) have announced the launch of a new intelligence module to the Business Lounge service - Global Traveller Statistics (GTS), to offer clients a previously unavailable level of detailed analysis and information of global passenger movements and industry measurements.

Introducing the GTS module, CiR Managing Director Garry Stasiulevicuis says, "We're giving our clients the ability to view and cross-analyse PAX and Nationality data with other key metrics to report and provide terminal level intelligence to aid their business decisions.

Airport Analysis

"GTS provides detailed nationality and passenger movement data to be viewed and analysed for more than 270 terminals across 100 airports in our database. We're able to provide details of the key travelling nationalities, their destination country and airport, as well as information on which airline and class of seat they are travelling in. All of our data ia available through simple dashboard style reports."

Nationality Detail

In addition, GTS also provides the ability to track the movements and statistics of a desired nationality across the globe. The module provides nationality traffic density at a regional level and then allows drill-down to which ley airports and terminals a group travels through, providing key information for their onward journey. The simple-to-use module allows users to quickly drill from region to terminal to identify essential facts and figures. CiR have built the new service based on the feedback it has received from clients confirming how intuitive and easy they have found the Business Lounge service to use and this has been integral in the build of the the new module. CiR's instinctive approach has led to a system that delivers complex, powerful and valuable insights in an uncomplicated and ready to use format.

Business Lounge Service

In addition to the above module, the Business Lounge service also provides users with access to the following information;

PAX data for more than 500 global airports
Detailed Route and Passenger capacity information for more than 3,00 airports, 1,000's of routes and more than 600 airlines
Pricing analysis, benchmarking and reporting for more than 750 products in 100+ stores across the world
Nationality PAX information for the world's leading airports
Detailed shopper and passenger research, category information and reports
Access to more than 20,000 photos of retail execution across the core categories, searchable by brand
View and download more than 150 video walkthroughs of retail stores from around the world
Detailed airport information including 300 terminal maps, 130 store maps and retailer profiles
Numerous supporting industry resources

For more information go to or contact CiR Managing Director Garry Stasiulevicuis on