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Business Lounge Express Reports

Business Lounge Express Reports

We provide easy and efficient access to essential industry insight, intelligence and information. We provide ready to buy reports or we can work with you to create bespoke and in-depth presentations tailored to meet your needs.

Our Business Lounge Express reports contain the most appropriate and insightful facts and figures for key airport locations, key nationalities and selected travel retailers and operators. Our reports, provide an in-depth review with supporting comment to provide the most appropriate and usable information for all the core topics we cover.

Report prices start from £1,000 each. Please get in touch for more details.

Please click on the below images to view sample pages from each report.


Providing all the key facts and statistics you need for the airport of your choice. Including detailed PAX numbers and analysis, nationality intelligence, route data, airline information, retailer overview and selected category insight.


Covering the leading nationality groups, our reports give you all the key details you need to understand where and how they travel. Including information on their share of global travel, key airports they use, when they travel and which airline they travel with.


For selected retailers, we provide a detailed business overview report. Our reports include information on their trading locations, key traveller statistics from their top airports and information for their key duty and tax free categories.


Using our intelligence, we can create bespoke reports that meets all your information needs. Use the form below to provide more details and to get in touch with us.

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