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About CiR

About CiR

Counter Intelligence Retail was founded in 2005 by Garry Stasiulevicuis. Today, with a team of more than 35 highly skilled, passionate and experienced retail experts, CiR is the go-to agency of choice for travel retail brand owners and retailers.

Here at CiR, we feel privileged to work with some of the Worlds’ most recognisable consumer goods brands and companies in a truly global market place. Like the best retailers and brands, we believe in caring for our customers. We’ve built our business on simple, universal values; integrity, honesty, creativity and hard work. It’s an approach that has stood the test of time and the clients who work with us, tend to stay with us and become long term friends.

Our key strength is in working with you to truly understand what you’re wanting to achieve. We then apply our expertise to develop a working relationship that creates a platform to make it happen. Our approach has been proven across a variety of categories with a diverse number of customers. We’re proud to have helped our industry’s brands and retailers deliver real growth to the channel.

We offer six core services: Business Lounge, Research, Data Management, Category Management, Activation and CiR Live. They’re services that can be used together or on their own depending on your needs, but they’re all designed to answer your business questions and make your life easier.

For a concise overview of our services, please click on the below 2016 brochure;

CiR are proud to work and partner with leading industry organisations to support their aims and purpose. 

Julia Padgett

Communications Director

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Kathryn Place

Category Team Director

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Alison Hughes

Research Team Director

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Becky Randall

Financial Controller

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Simon Best

Business Lounge Director

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Tanya Ward

Head of Design

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